• Mezzanine floor - Save more in business

    Mezzanine floor is used in many industries, storages,... Mezzanine floor can create new floors of space for more different uses such as warehouse, office, .....

    Mezzanine gives you something like the following

    ·   Save more money

    When you need more and more space, mezzanine floor significantly expand your floor area, without the expense of relocating or adding extra buildings, making them a very cost-effective option.

    Mezzanine Floor Of Vinarack

    Mezzanine floor of Vinarack

    ·   Maximise your building”s capacity

    Mezzanine floor will unlock the potential of your unused roof space. They can be as small as 20m² or can cover thousands of square metres. We can design and build mezzanine floor up to one storeys high or more, as long as your building has sufficient height.

    Mezzanine Floor Of Vinarack

    Mezzanine floor of Vinarack

    ·   Easy access to upper floor

    The types of access that we recommend for your mezzanine floor will be governed by its use and environment. The options for personnel and goods access include stairs, personnel lifts, goods lifts, pallet gates.

    Mezzanine Floor Of Vinarack

    Mezzanine floor of Vinarack

    ·   Expand your floor space safely and effective

    We”ll ensure that your mezzanine floor and the access to it is designed and specified in full compliance with fire, health and safety best practice, as well as building regulations.


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