• Build Mezzanine Floor

    Specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing build mezzanine floor. Mezzanine floor can create additional floors of space for a variety of different uses such including storage or warehouse.

    Specialise In Designing, Manufacturing And Installing Build Mezzanine Floor

    Build mezzanine floor a very quick and cost effective way to create new space without the expense and inconvenience of relocation.
    Build mezzanine floor although a mezzanine structure can be bolted to an existing building for support, it can also be easily.
    Build mezzanine floor
    Build mezzanine floor
    The mezzanine surface deck may be composed of steel bar grating, high density wood; sturdy floor on b-deck, diamond plate or smooth metal decking, moisture resistant materials, and heat treated decking. Some of these features make mezzanine flooring capable of withstanding heavy duty pallet racks and cart loads.
    Build mezzanine floor
    Build mezzanine floor
    Build mezzanine floor have to be designed under building department guidelines and specifications.
    Build mezzanine floor
    Build mezzanine floor
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