• Industrial Steel Mezzanine Floor

    Industrial steel mezzanine floorisis is an ideal store for more merchandise more storage without having to relocate to larger premises. Structural steel is stable and sustainable.

    Industrial steel mezzanine floor at HCM city

    Industrial steel mezzanine floor can also be your single source for creating complete space utilization solutions that require both mezzanine and modular building systems. This single-source ability provides greater engineering control and enables us to coordinate all aspects of projects with our distributors.
    Industrial steel mezzanine floor
    Industrial steel mezzanine floor 
    These versatile structures create new areas for manufacturing, storage, and offices "out of thin air." Each mezzanine floor is engineered to provide a solution to your specific space requirements. Our design philosophy focuses on how we can help you utilize the mezzanine floor so that it will provide the proper performance in a safe, efficient work environment.
    Industrial steel mezzanine floor
    Industrial steel mezzanine floor 
    Storage goods at industrial steel mezzanine floor are perfect for adding inventory space or keeping valuable spare parts and tools off the main plant floor. It is possible to double the storage space in the existing buildings and can be fitted with shelves and suspended walkways to suit your storage needs.
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